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  Laser Skin Resurfacing

For many years, people look younger and methods of surgical treatment of a variety of resorts to in order to reduce the visible effects of aging. Face lift operations are the most common examples.

LASER skin resurfacing, laser skin rejuvenation

For many years, people look younger and methods of surgical treatment of a variety of resorts to in order to reduce the visible effects of aging. Face lift operations are the most common examples. All in all, a serious face lift surgery is a surgery and anesthesia, tissue cutting, replanting, a long recovery process, which means the risk of infection. Asymmetry, and possibly other complications unnatural picture.

A lot about skin rejuvenation on the above-mentioned reasons, the candidate does not choose surgery as a result of non-surgical interventions, or no less than the healing process and laser skin rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing techniques developed and increased in popularity in recent years.

Without the risks of surgery, skin tightening, wrinkle and sag recovery by gravity in various tissues of the skin with laser skin rejuvenation technologies capable of sweeping changes are possible.

Laser skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing laser devices used in high-energy rays to the skin send full. These laser beams or water molecules in the structure of the skin is called the chromophore, and are held by the color-containing materials. Light energy is converted into heat energy from the water and keep kromoforlarca and layers of skin exposed to light destroys the controlled area.

Destroyed as a result of exposure to laser shots were worn and wrinkled skin, the outer layers of the sun, and so influences the location of the new texture of the skin is fresh. Some laser skin renewal process by heating the skin tissue without destroying provides only.

As a result of laser skin rejuvenation the skin structure and provided a significant improvement in image. The skin a more youthful, healthier, free from stains and convinient will look more attractive and clear. Laser skin resurfacing procedure increases the skin's elasticity and wrinkles are reduced significantly.


Ablative Skin Rejuvenation lasers (laser resurfacing)

Peeling the top layer of the skin in a controlled manner to a suitable depth affect the. This is the superficial layers of the skin is heated skin resurfacing technique. At the same time worn and aged appearance in the tissue that is causing the water evaporates and the upper layers of the skin are destroyed. As a result, is increased fibroblast activity, new collagen and matrix proteins occurs as a new skin matrix occurs.

After the applications of ablative laser resurfacing skin wounds and continue for about 1 week and its image. During this time, the skin should be protected very well advised to rest at home for the first week. By the method of laser resurfacing wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars (sivilve trails) the effects of aging around the mouth and eyes are treated successfully.

Ablative laser skin rejuvenation process using the second type of method is widely used in laser.

1 - CO2 (Carbon dioxide lasers):
Produced by the wavelength of 10,600 nm. Beam spread with the help of carbon dioxide gas. The laser beam is absorbed by the tissues everything molecules of water until the water is heated up to 100 ° C. From the surface of the skin it penetrates deeper into 30 mM-100 mM.

2 - Er: YAG Lasers
Produce a laser beam at a wavelength of 2940 nm. Thermal left on the skin (due to heat) less damage than CO2 lasers. Containing water is absorbed by the tissues more efficiently. Er Yag lasers for the structure of the epidermis is composed of a high amount of water to provide a superficial resurfacing procedure.
These two devices are combined with skin resurfacing systems are also available.

Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation Lasers

Non-Ablative (Non-Ablative) laser energy levels are lower than the surface of the skin and do not cause any damage. Thermal damage to the dermal and epidermal layers retained do. Nonablative laser skin rejuvenation tönteminde not destroy the epidermis, the skin and subcutaneous tissue stimulated as a result, is being restructured.
This skin rejuvenation technique wrinkles and the effects of aging caused by sun exposure, pigmentation problems, enlarged vascular lesions on the skin without creating any wound is removed and the skin tone of a successful recovery.

Non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation procedure using laser technology, the CO2 and Er: YAG lasers and normal living, just as it is not possible to return to the healing process. On the other hand the results of laser skin resurfacing procedure applied by peel off the top layer of skin is not so successful.

Cosmetic applications that do not want to be affected due to the daily life, just a very convenient way for individuals to return to work. Non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation method, as well as the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs and feet can also be applied.

Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing Laser Types used in the process

1 - Fractional Lasers
Laser radiation is a form of division of pixelleştirilmiş mini-rays. Penetrates into the tissues into small mikrokolonlar. Pixel and fractions (in the regions) to the skin effect. While the destruction of the tissues in the regions exposed to the laser beam breaks remain intact regions.

Therefore, fractional laser skin rejuvenation procedure is applied as a result of technology improvement is much faster. Microarrays strikes, the formation of new collagen occurring in the regions referred to in the form of mikrotedavi areas of skin repair.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing technology that works with devices that produce light of different wavelengths are available. The removal of wrinkles, acne scars (sicilce scar treatment), treatment of pigmented lesions, reducing the treatment of melasma and skin rejuvenasyonunda effective.

By the lower layers of the skin with the energy of the plasma tehrip provides skin rejuvenation. The top layer is not damaged during the destruction of the lower layers of the healing process so much shorter.

3 - superficial Er: YAG
Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-aggressive treatment. More minor effect of the treatment of wrinkles and sun damaged skin, and in particular the renewal effective.

4 - Infrared Lasers
Especially at 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1450 nm light produce invisible. This light is absorbed by the water molecules and the epidermis dermilsile heated simultaneously. To prevent thermal damage to the skin which is the top layer of the skin epidermis is an aggressive cooling.

Provide infrared lasers for skin rejuvenation compressing restructure collagen. With infrared lasers are widely used in the treatment of wrinkles and acne skin resurfacing due to the application of radiation to be more painful penetration into the tissue.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Skin Rejuvenation Therapies How to begin

The main principles are similar to each other with a wide variety of laser skin rejuvenation devices are available with different features in detail. The correct use of these devices is a complete area of ​​expertise. Should be recognized that the structure of the skin and skin lesions, very good.

Laser skin rejuvenation treatment due to the different needs of each individual and tailor-planned structure of the skin. Pulse duration, energy intensity, number of repetitions of treatment, number of sessions and intervals are planned for each patient. Before starting treatment expert in this type of lasers used for skin resurfacing consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

  Medical Aesthetics Applications