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  Laser acne scar treatments

Deep or superficial, with traces of intense aesthetic or intermittent acne or ineffective interventions may remain veremeyebilmekte the desired results every time. With advancing age, the skin loses its elasticity, especially acne scars tissues may lead to an earlier look old.

Deep or superficial, with traces of intense aesthetic or intermittent acne or ineffective interventions may remain veremeyebilmekte the desired results every time. With advancing age, the skin loses its elasticity, especially acne scars tissues may lead to an earlier look old.

And for the treatment of acne scars treatment methods getirilebilmeleri become less evident. The selection of the type and depth of acne scar treatment method plays an important role.

Uygulanmamlıdır at the time of active acne acne scar treatment methods. Using some of the strippers in the healing process of acne, peeling process and the implementation of radiation therapy to accelerate the healing process and reduce the possibility of the formation of permanent acne scars. If there are still traces left behind after the completion of treatment of acne laser treatments, peels operations (middle, deep), dermabrasion, fillers can be the application of methods such as injection.


Pre-Acne Treatment What should I do?

Before starting the treatment dermatoloğuna expectations important to convey in detail. Reducing acne scars belirginliklerinin only by curing, or in the direction of the treatment procedures can be applied as well as a general skin resurfacing. Mostly overall skin rejuvenation program of choice provides more effective results and higher patient satisfaction.

According to the type of acne scar doctor which method is most appropriate for you and how results can be obtained in the sentiment. Experience of the physician, treatment modalities, depending on the devices that will be used to some extent as a result of improvements in treatment can be provided. However, as a little girl to have a smooth skin, treatment should not be initiated with the expectation that such an extreme.


Methods of Treatment of acne scars

§ Trace Laser Acne Treatment

§ Chemical Peels

§ Dermabrasion

§ Injection of Dermal Fillers

§ Punch Excision

§ Tissue Transplant

§ subcision

§ Intralezyonel Steroid Injection

§ Increase Soft Tissue (Soft Tissue Augmentation)


Laser acne scar treatment

High-tech laser equipment to a new method of treatment of acne scars. Acting or peeling skin peeling laser systems. In principle, laser devices stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the skin provides a certain depth of the effect. Result of the surface tension increases, and acne scars skin itself right up yenlemesi pivotal specifics substantially reduced. For this purpose, long pulse Ng Oil, Carbon Dioxide, and fractional Er Yag lasers are used. Especially true fractional laser acne scar treatment in selected patients the results of a very successful and healing processes give other chemical peel, dermabrasion is very short compared to such methods. Laser acne scar treatments on ...


Chemical Peels Acne scar treatment with

Small and superficial acne scars removed with Chemical peeling process and can improve a little bigger and deeper view of the tracks. Chemical peels the skin comedones (black and white dots) in preventing the formation of new acne clears, and the active and effective in the treatment of acne. Sivilve ice-pick type and deep fibrotic scars can not be treated effectively with chemical soyucularla. Chemical peels for acne scars, keloid treatment are generally preferred. Deep and wide for the treatment of acne scars, chemical peels repetitive sessions are needed. Deep peels may apply. This procedure is performed under anesthesia and operating room environment. The healing process is long, the skin will take months to return to normal. The skin is very well protected against infection, especially at the beginning of the healing process.


Means mechanically abrading the upper part of the skin dermabrasion. This process is similar to sandpaper abrasion-purpose devices that can be done either manually or with an object. A method originally developed for the treatment of acne scar. Regeneration of the skin, is also effective in removing wrinkles. Aşındırılmak to the level of the upper part of the skin by acne scarring acne, acne scars will be resolved after the completion of the healing process. Done under anesthesia, operating room environment. According to the depth, 1-2 weeks is the process of wound healing. Within this period yatılmamalı on the face, the skin should be protected against infection with antibiotic creams in a rigorous manner. Pinkness remaining after the healing of minor wounds after dermabrasion approximately 4-5 months, completely passes. This method is used alone in the treatment of acne scars, ice-pick. From a very deep skin peeling, dermabrasion, because in case of permanent scars may occur. For this reason, the treatment of ice-pick acne scars be removed with a combination of punch excision, and dermabrasion.

Herpes, herpes can be triggered by viral infections such as dermabrasion. The patient should inform the doctor about the history of the subject if you have this type of viral diseases. There is a risk of pigmentation seen, especially in patients with darker skin types.


Injection Fillers

Depressions of acne scars by filling out a variety of fillers are used in order to bring the level of the normal skin. Examples of fillers, oils, bovine collagen, natural collagen, hyaluronic acid. Treatment of acne scarring and permanent filler injection is a method of healing and should be repeated at regular intervals.

Punch Excision

Ice-pick as the surgical procedure used to treat deep sizilce traces. Punch biopsy instruments used during this procedure. They have round, sharp edges, diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm in the form of metal tubing tools. Acne scar diameter is selected to cover the edges of the punch and is removed as it is with the aid of punch acne scar. Issued by combining the sewn edges of the section. According to this process, become less noticeable after the first sign of the remains. This permission also be reduced beirginliği resurfacing techniques may be used if desired.

Punch Excision and Tissue Transplantation

Acne scar sewn edges removed with the help of this technique, instead of punch, punch again with the help of mostly filled with tissue taken from behind the ear. After treatment of the acne scar this way discernible change skin tone and color may occur. To correct this difference of treatment is at least 4 to 6 weeks after the resurfacing techniques may be used.

Subcutaneous incision (subcision)

Subcision known. Rolling (floating) in order to break the bonds fibrosis, which is caused by the formation of acne scars. A curved needle during treatment of acne scar with subcision subcutaneously introduced parallel to the skin surface. Dermis and subcutaneous (fat) tissue, such as a piston back and forth between the cutting is achieved by moving the fibrous bonds. May occur as a result of treatment of bruises heal in about a week. The risk of bleeding or subcutaneous nodules with subcision the formation of acne treatment method. These nodules can be treated by injection into corticosteroid.

Soft Tissue Replication Method (soft-tissue augmentation)

Occurred due to loss of tissue is used in the treatment of atrophic scars. The individual's own subcutaneusly (fat) tissue or collagen is injected into the point where acne scar. Resolved in the form of depressions or significance of the region rises and acne scarring can be reduced. The oil for the treatment of acne scarring and collagen injection procedure is repeated at regular intervals to lose volume over time.

Steroids keloid type (bulge-shaped) can provide a significant improvement in acne marks to inject their view. Properly selected patients, surgical intervention may be combined with intralesional injection.

  Medical Aesthetics Applications