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  Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

When the blood and lymphatic circulation in the affected area of fat cell groups and Portokal peel appearance of depressions in the skin is caused by fibrous bands.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat, especially in women and groups of cells called adipocytes alters the circulation of the blood and lymphatic phenomenon.

Cellulite Treatment

When the blood and lymphatic circulation in the affected area of ​​fat cell groups and Portokal peel appearance of depressions in the skin is caused by fibrous bands.

How is cellulite formed?

Begins with the formation of cellulite, circulatory disorders. Consequently leaky vessel walls of serum, tissue ranges creates collected tissue edema. Edema, disruption of communication between on the one hand, and with the blood of fat cells led to a deterioration of the metabolism of fat cells, on the other hand, the structure of the connective tissue breaks down, leads to harden.

Diagram Selult

Surrounded by fibrous bands that have lost their elasticity as a result of this, overgrown adipose tissue consists of cells of nodules occurred. Yüzyinde orange-peel appearance of the skin causes the formation of these nodules.

Nodules along with the more advanced stage of the process to continue to adhere to each other creates a larger nodules and causes the skin to take a view quilting. At this stage, the pain may occur as a result of nodules to put pressure on the nerves.

What makes cellulite?

1 - Durable become a conjunctiva tissue compartments.
2 - Salt and water molecules
3 - conjunctiva tissue deposits of fat cells trapped inside. These regional fat accumulation, increasing the thickness of the skin and manifests itself in reduced mobility. Gives a feeling rough and hardened skin when touched by hand.

WHAT CAUSES formation of cellulite?

Woman's skin natural structure: nine out of ten women have this problem.

Hormonal causes: secreted by the ovaries in women and prepare the ground for the formation of cellulite tissues, water retention property of the follicle (FSH) hormone excess growth.

Genetics: Anne cellulite cellulite can be seen in the child with.

Circulatory disorders (cardiovascular disease) and vascular insufficiency Cellulite goes parallel to each other. Vascular veins cellulite wraps of roads, squeezes the blood circulation becomes more difficult. Consequently occurs varices. This in turn, cellulite, varicose veins, as progressively more severe vascular disease reaches serious proportions.

Constipation, hypothyroidism, use of birth control pills, poor liver function, the strain of a fast and stressful life, psychological factors such as anxiety and insecurity ... Corset, tight-fitting clothes, heart insufficiency circulatory deficiencies due to ...

Mostly puberty, pregnancy, menopause and hormonal changes such as weight and do the increases susceptibility to experiencing periods.

- Heavy, irregular and improper diet, excessive calorie foods.
- That make up the body of toxic effects of alcohol, tea, coffee, and tobacco consumption in excessive amounts.
- A still life.


The upper part of the thigh, knee and ankle interior, back and upper legs, buttocks and calves ...

How to safeguard cellulite?

Cellulite diet rich in calories and excess weight by not TedavisiDüşük. Lays the foundation for a much more affordable cellulite excess weight.

Fitness made, for example, jogging, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, do.

Get addition of vitamins and minerals. Smooths the skin vitamins A and E, magnesium stimulates metabolism, phosphorus and silicon strengthens tissues.

To take more water from the body's white and red radishes, parsley, celery, strawberries and rice to eat.


No, cellulite is resistant to all weight loss regimes. Requires no special treatment, does not by itself.


Yes, cellulite, even skinny women can be seen even weaker.

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