Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Pınar Yönter OĞUZ MD Fethiye Kas Kalkan Dalaman Ortaca Mugla

       Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Pınar Yönter OĞUZ MD Fethiye Kas Kalkan Dalaman Ortaca Mugla

In 2005,
began her career as a 
Consultant Dermatologist doctor in Fethiye founder Esnaf Hospital, Department of Dermatology. Participated in various training and conferences for assistance and expertise, dermatology and received certificates dermatokozmetoloji issues. In 2005, the International Community as an example, Prof. Dermatoscopy. Dr. And Prof. Argenziano. Dr. Soyer led the "Dermatoscopy Applications", and Professor in 2007. Dr. Antonella Tosti under the leadership of "Trikoloji" (Hair and Nail Disorders) include school certificates.

Psychodermatology area who are interested in this direction in recent years and wants to continue education.

  • Pimples and acne treatment
  • Black spots on skin care and treatment for
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Skin treatments in Fethiye
  • Peeling skin rejuvenation mesotherapy sessions in Fethiye
  • The treatment of skin blemishes
  • Laser hair removal treatments in Fethiye Kas Kalkan Dalaman 
  • Botox and filler applications in Fethiye Kas Kalkan Dalaman

  Medical Aesthetics Applications
Thulium laser Fethiye

Baby Face Beauty cihazı; 1927nm dalga boyu kullanan Thulium lazer sistemine sahip bir lazer destekli cilt yenileme ve gençleştirme, iz ve leke tedavisi uygulamasıdır.

Radyofrekans tekniği ile estetik ve güzellik uygulamaları

Sarkma tedavisi, Cilt sıkılaştırma, Yara ve Akne (sivilce) izlerinin yok edilmesi, deri altı çatlaklarının ortadan kaldırılması, gözenek sıkılaştırma, cilt aydınlatma gibi pek çok yaygın problemde başarıyla kullanılan, son zamanlarda gittikçe daha çok tercih edilen bir yöntem RF Teknolojisi.

PlasmaLift non-ablatif teknolojisiyle ameliyatsız tedavi ve uygulamalar

Göz altı ve göz çevresi sıkıştırma, Dudak üstü çizgilerin giderilmesi
Yüz ve vücut sıkıştırma, Leke tedavisi, Karın bölgesi sıkılaştırma
Akne tedavisi (Aktif), Fibrom, Ben, Siğil, Keloid, Ksantelazma, Discheratoma Tedavisi
Her renkte dövmenin çıkartılması, Akne ve diğer nedenlerden kaynaklanan skarların düzeltilmesi
Dilate periumbilikal çizgilerin tedavisi, Çatlak tedavisi, Ameliyatsız göz kapağı esteiği

Slimming and firming

Slimming and firming applications


Fraksiyonel Radiofrequance Stretch Mark Treatment

Cracks in the skin can be treated with fractional radiofrequance

You can make appointment for treatments

Laser acne scar treatments

Deep or superficial, with traces of intense aesthetic or intermittent acne or ineffective interventions may remain veremeyebilmekte the desired results every time. With advancing age, the skin loses its elasticity, especially acne scars tissues may lead to an earlier look old.

Capillary Treatment

Capillary hemangioma lesions, telangiectasia, angioma, or referred to as port-wine stain. These lesions are near the surface of the skin to form a network structure of the skin is pink, red or purple color is caused to appear. Capillaries close to the history of medicine for the treatment of a variety of methods were used.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

For many years, people look younger and methods of surgical treatment of a variety of resorts to in order to reduce the visible effects of aging. Face lift operations are the most common examples.

Acne Treatment

Pimples (acne) is a disease that can be treated. Psychological effects of acne and acne treatment for each patient individually assessed accordingly. Acne Treatment The aim of the follicular plugs, eliminate and reduce the production of sebum is to treat bacterial colonization.


Our skin is the sun's rays, adverse environmental conditions, long-term illness and drug use, genetically modified foods, unbalanced diet, worn by factors such as smoking. The natural aging process, hormonal and genetic (familial), depending on factors continues throughout life.


Eczema is a dry skin condition. It is not contagious. You cannot catch it from someone else. It is a highly individual condition which varies from person to person and comes in many different forms.

Punch Biopsy

Punch Biopsy Your doctor will numb the area to be spray or injection of a sample of tissue. With special instruments or surgical skin biopsy sample is taken. Large spillages or small to be 3-4 or 5 mm tumor samples may require removal of all debris.


Electrosurgery medicine, dermatology, ENT, gynecology, general surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, and veterinary fields coagulation (pıhtılaştırılarak) used in performing the operation.


Treatment Kriyoterapi Kriyoterapi popularly known by the name of Ice Cream ice cream treat or destroy abnormal tissue by freezing is based on a form of treatment.


Ecological balance in the world can bring disorder into moles cancer precursors. I have the body of people with more than 50 are at increased risk for skin cancer. Should be checked periodically.

  Medical Aesthetics Applications